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Other FAQs

  • 01. Ransomware attacks are on a hike now. Can Systmade’s Internet Security protect my system from all Ransomware attacks?
    Yes, Internet Security can protect your system from Ransomware with its advanced Ransomware protection feature.
  • 02. My system has lots of sensitive data stored in the form of tally files. Can I keep them secured?
    Yes, you can keep them secured with SystMade’s Internet Security.
  • 03. My children are studying through online classes and spent most of time on the internet. I am worried if they browse some websites on my absence that they should not visit.
    You can block the websites that you think your children should not visit by web-filter under internet Protection.
  • 04. I want the SystMade Internet Security to scan my system daily. How can I manage this?
    You can schedule the scanning task on the SystMade’s Internet Security by scheduler.
  • 05. Can I use more than one Internet Security or Antivirus software on a system simultaneously?
    We don’t recommend using two or more security products simultaneously on a single system as it may affect the functioning of each Antivirus and your system.
  • 06. I have lost the product key of my product. How can I get it back?

    If you have lost the product key of your product then you can call us on our Toll-free number and then share the required details with us. You will get the product key from the organization.

    You can also visit our official website i.e. https://www.systmadeinc.com to get connected via Call, Email, and chat or by filling a Support form and one of our executive will get connected with you.

  • 07. How to change the contact number provided at the time of product registration?
    To change the contact number, you need to connect with our team through our toll- free number or you can mail us at info@systmadeinc.com.
  • 08. Can I transfer my existing SystMade Internet Security license on another computer?

    Yes you can transfer the license from current PC to the new one by following the steps as below:

    • Uninstall the program from your current PC.
    • Download & Install the program on the new PC.
    • Activate the product on the new PC with the license key that you already have.
  • 09. How can I contact SystMade?

    You can contact us by following methods;

    • Contact us by visiting our official website i.e. https://www.systmadeinc.com, there you will find “Leave a message” window at the bottom of the webpage. Click on it and write your message there.
    • On the top corner of the homepage on our official website, find “support” and Click on it. Write your concerns there.
    • You can also send us an email at support@systmadeinc.com with all of your queries or questions.